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AFN reports... 

 We just returned from a 14 day trip to Germany to serve the troops and found a couple of AFN (Armed Forces Network) reports about the band.  So proud of each musician that donates their time to say with their actions as well as their words that they love the troops!

May 2012 Tour 

We just returned from an unbelievable trip to Germany where we played for over 2500 troops at 3 different military bases.  The band had the opportunity to once again tour the halls of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center where we met the troops, gave out gifts and performed a few songs for them.  We spent much of the time teary eyed from these encounters with real live heros who have SUCH great attitudes given the situation in which they find themselves.  

We've added a PHOTO album of the tour...please stop by and check it out!

2012 Winter Tour 

We just returned from a tour where we performed 13 shows in 4 countries in 15 days.  Every stop of our tour overwhelmed us by the committment of our armed forces personell.  Through a partnership with RedBull, NASCAR & Margaritaville we were able to provide lots of free gifts for the troops stationed in Italy, Belgium, Germany & Switzerland.

One of the highlights of our tour was visiting Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.  The patients and wounded warriors we met were so inspiring.  Visit our Photo album to see some more highlights of the tour.  

- WP

Free Christmas Music 

Willy Pete has worked quickly to provide a short holiday gift for the troops.  This 4 song EP contains 4 great songs sure to put you in the Christmas spirit.  "So This is a Merry Little Christmas", "This Time of Year", "The Little Drummer Boy" and "Silver Bells".  Please spread the word to all the veterans and active duty troops you know.  
Merry Christmas!
- WP

CD Release!! 

Willy Pete has released it's first CD.  You can pick up your copy HERE.  If you'd like to help the band provide these CDs at no cost to our troops visit our STORE for more info how.

Crucible Fund Raiser 

On Thursday Nov. 10 Willy Pete performed for a fund raiser supporting their efforts through the Crucible Campaign to serve the troops.  Special guest Senior Master Sergeant Timothy Carentz was the keynote speaker.  SMSgt Carentz shared his experiences as a first responder at the Pentagon on 9/11, as the medic for President Bush, his work caring for wounded warriors and his impressions of Willy Pete and The Crucible Campaign.   

It was a fantastic night of vision casting for the future and Willy Pete is proud to be a part of The Crucible Campaign.  To find out more information about this great mission visit www.thecruciblecampaign.com.

- WP

NAWCTSD Town Hall Show 

Willy Pete added the entertainment to NSA Orlandos Town Hall Meeting on Nov. 9.  The Navy Base holds these meetings quarterly and each on has a specific ttheme.  This one was "Country & Western" so the band pulled out lots of the greatest country songs of all time.  

After the event the band was treated to an official tour of the simulation systems NAWCTSD create. It was an amazing day!   

The staff at NAWCTSD treated us with such kindness and we're excited to have the chance to come back and play their Christmas Party in December.  


Italy a raving success! 

We're back from our USO Italy Tour and once again we are amazed at what our troops do for us.   We met and played for Marines in Rome, Seamen in Naples and Soldiers in Vicenza, Italy. 

Here's a part of an email from one of our USO hosts.

"The USO Naples and USO Rome staff joins me in thanking wholeheartedly for choosing to share your talent and support with the sailors and marines in Naples and Rome. We were incredibly touched by your humbleness and humanity as you shook the hands and connected with the troops, and most importantly the captivating stage presence you both have as you share your musical talents with your audience. Your performance, with the all time favorite songs our troops grew up with, truly remind them of home and make America a little closer."

Italy, We will be back soon... we promise!


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